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International Mathematics Championship

(round 1 results)

Student Profile Details


Kanishk Ohri



School Name:

Delhi Public School



Student's Round 1 Performance

No. of students for this grade who appeared for the test:

No. of participating nations:


No. of questions in the test:

No. of questions that were right:

Percentage marks scored:

Candidate's performance vis-a-vis the peers (for round 1):

Overall percentile (% of peers who rank below the candidate):

note: percentile shows the percent of test takers who are below the candidate across the above defined parameters

Remarks about the 'performance of the student' (based on data collected)

Suggestions for improvement

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Overall result for student:

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Remarks about whether proctors felt that student's test taking environment had issues

  • The credibility score of student out of 100 was
    (note: this score is this is low if proctors thought student's test taking environment had issues)

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