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list of grade 2 practice quizzes
(free to attempt for all)

grade 2 prep session
(attend a 120 minute masterclass session (for INR 400/ USD 5/ AED 20) to aid preparation and conceptual clarity; completely optional)

Live solving of important questions to help students improve their conceptual clarity and  perform better in the exam

The instructor will provide a few tips and approaches to tackle the examination well

Students who are interested to attend the 120 minute masterclass session can do so at the following slot:

12th November 2022 at 7:30 AM GMT (this is 1PM India time, 11:30 AM UAE time, 10:30AM Qatar time)

1. The masterclass link and materials will be shared with those who register

2. This is an optional purchase for students

3. The cost of the session is INR 400/ USD 5/ EUR 5/ AED 20

Live problem solving

exam tips and approach


other highlights

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