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International Mathematics Championship

(round 1 results)

Student Profile Details


Nirmam Brahmbhatt



School Name:

Delhi Public School



Student's Round 1 Performance

No. of students for this grade who appeared for the test:


No. of participating nations:


No. of questions in the test:


No. of questions that were right:


Percentage marks scored:


Candidate's performance vis-a-vis the peers (for round 1):

Overall percentile (% of peers who rank below the candidate):


note: percentile shows the percent of test takers who are below the candidate across the above defined parameters

Remarks about the 'performance of the student' (based on data collected)

Areas of strength

    Demonstrated aptitude! The candidate was able to tackle some really good problems and showed aptitude on some of the key skills.
    Candidate has shown caliber, and if they are diligently supported and nurtured by parents and teachers, candidate can emerge as a strong mathematical mind and can get into top 10% (globally) in near future.
    A specific call out in terms of strength is the higher relative command that the candidate has over: Numerical Ability Problem Comprehension

Suggestions for improvement

    It is necessary to further expand the ability to tackle more problems and ensure that the candidate consistently keeps evolving in mathematics.
    As per our global experts, to become really good in the subject, the candidate must follow a 2 pronged approach: (1) should consistently solve well crafted 'smart' problems which focus on all the key base skills (2) keep benchmarking themselves against their global peers (so that they know how much improvement is needed)
    A specific call out is to focus on solving problems which test the skill areas where the candidate was relatively not as strong: Logical Reasoning Visualization

Overall result for student:

Congratulations! You have qualified for round 2 of International Mathematics Championship. Good Luck.

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Remarks about whether proctors felt that student's test taking environment had issues

  • The credibility score of student out of 100 was
    (note: this score is this is low if proctors thought student's test taking environment had issues)


    No specific comment; Few aspects to keep in mind (based on inputs from proctors observing your videos): 1. Before giving out prizes + certificates, all the videos/ audio will be re checked and, if hint of unfair practice is spotted, the prize may be withdrawn 2. The student solves the questions without any help (parents/ relatives should just set up and leave the room). Remember, all the students from a grade face same set of questions with same level of difficulty. 3. Please note that in round 1, we have penalized some students where they received a lot of help. A few students have also been disqualified where they were seen to be receiving answers from someone in the room. Please be mindful that some leniency was granted in round 1 but no leniency whatsoever will be shown in round 2. Any hint (looking away from camera, whispers, presence of someone helping out etc.) where students seem to be receiving answers from anyone, will be straightaway disqualified (proctors will have the final say)
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